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The best Border Terriers on Facebook!

Border Terriers Are Just The Best Dogs on Facebook


'Zoomies' is the magazine of the 'Border Terriers Are Just The Best Dogs' Facebook Group. It is a glossy, full colour, A4, 36-page, 'not for profit', printed magazine featuring the photos of and stories about members' Border Terriers.

With almost 7,000 members worldwide, this ever-growing Facebook group remains dedicated to its members’ dogs, their love for the breed and their care and support of each other in both good and bad times.

Anyone can buy and read 'Zoomies', but only the Group's members can submit their stories and photos for publication - a good reason to join if you like dogs and Border Terriers in particular!

It is hoped the magazine will be published quarterly, and the first issue is due for publication at the end of August 2016.

The magazine is only available direct from the publisher (Great Northern Publishing) by mail order and will not be available through third parties or anywhere else.

Currently the magazine is only available in a printed format and is not available as a digital download. We have no plans at this stage to make a digital version available.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it. And if you're wondering why the magazine is called 'Zoomies', it's because that's the term Border Terrier owners use to describe their dog running wildly about like a lunatic to burn off their boundless energy!

The magazine has a strict 'advert free' policy and does not carry any advertising whatsoever under any circumstances.

Any profits (after production and mailing costs have been met) will be donated to the chosen breed charity 'Border Terrier Welfare'.

If you want to contact the editor or the magazine for any reason, or just have a question, please use the email address below and put the word 'Zoomies' in the subject line (to ensure your email is not deleted without being read).


is published by Great Northern Publishing
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