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The best Border Terriers on Facebook!

Border Terriers Are Just The Best Dogs on Facebook


The 'Border Terriers Are Just The Best Dogs' Facebook Group is solely for posting BT pictures, advice and friendly banter.

This closed group was founded on Facebook some six years ago by Ray Prichard. From the beginning, Ray wanted a group that would be solely about its members’ marvellous Border Terriers, without advertising or links to sunglasses, time shares, BTs for sale, petitions, etc. Just a site on which its members could share photos and exchange stories of their beloved dogs. A place where members could come and be uplifted or comforted by like-minded people.

At first, the group was solely managed by Ray, but when the membership passed 700 it became impossible to manage it alone and he requested volunteers to join the Admin team. The appeal for new Admins resulted in four members living in various parts of the world offering their help. Between them, they manage to cover most of the time zones – which is important when monitoring a group with a global membership.

Posts are continually monitored and new member applications are carefully checked to endeavour to filter out hackers, spammers, trolls or any other suspicious characters. So far, 581 people have been blocked for various reasons including trying to sell goods, causing disruption or upset to other members, or posting unpleasant photos. The decisions Admin makes are for the good of the group, but it is difficult to please everyone all of the time.

Some post subjects come up time and time again, such as clip versus strip, neutering, wearing coats/clothes, or raw food feeding, and tend to lead to some heated disagreements as members often have strong views on them. This is where Admin occasionally steps in and removes some of the comments or posts.

The group naturally offers friendly support to new BT owners, those with problems and health issues (though we stress at all times that the first port of call when worried about your dog should always be your vet) and owners who have sadly lost their much loved pet - many group members have been through bereavement and understand the pain, hurt and real sense of loss experienced when a much loved dog passes. Here, in the group, no dog is ever forgotten and their photos and stories are always welcome.

Today, this ever growing group has almost 6,000 members worldwide and to the best our knowledge is the first ever Facebook group to have its own dedicated magazine in print. And all because we’re mad about our Border Terriers!



The site is solely for sharing photos, videos and experiences and expressing our mutual love for our Border Terriers.

Posts that are patently unrelated to BTs will be deleted. All posts are reviewed and if one does not adhere to the rules or fit in with the spirit of the group it will be deleted.

No selling of, or asking for dogs, puppies or breeding opportunities.

ANY post advertising a business or posting a link to a company or someone offering a service will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

Links to crowdfunding or fundraising sites that are not BT rescue charities are not allowed. Such links belong on your own FB page.

We will allow rescue and lost BT links. Multiple posts of the same notices will be deleted.

Videos or photos of dogs hunting or where another animal is hurt or traumatised ARE NOT ALLOWED and will be deleted. Depending on the circumstances, the person posting may also be removed from the group.

Any aggressive or argumentative posts/comments will be deleted and the member removed from the group if necessary. Please be respectful of others when posting/commenting.

You may ask for advice if your BT is showing symptoms of being unwell, although such advice IS NOT, in any way, a substitute for promptly consulting your vet. We are not responsible for any advice given by individual members. We are not here as an alternative to your vet.

This IS NOT a petition site. Posts and links to petitions will be removed.

This is not a site for promoting your dog in voting competitions. Such posts will be deleted.

If you are not sure if your post adheres to the rules please PM an Admin BEFORE POSTING. Don’t post it anyway and then add, “I hope this is OK with Admin” or “Admin, please delete if not OK”, etc. You will likely be removed from the group if the post is inappropriate.

Admin reserve the right to delete a post/comment or remove a member without prior warning if the rules are being broken or a member is behaving inappropriately.

Above all be nice to each other - if you wouldn't say it to someone in person, please don't say it here.

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