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The JADE pages are intended for mature adult viewing only. If you are under 18,
or are easily shocked or offended by material of an erotic or sensual nature, please leave now.


EDITOR: Mark Marsay

All enquires should be addressed to:



Parcels/Important Documents: If you are sending a parcel or important documents please contact us by email prior to dispatch so we are aware they are on their way.

Unsolicited Mail: Please ensure return postage is included if you wish to have material returned.

Correct Postage: Please ensure you affix the correct amount of postage to any mail. We will refuse any item of mail upon which Royal Mail places a surcharge for insufficient postage.

Telephone Note: Although we are generally available outside of normal office hours and at weekends we do have an answer phone which callers may occasionally get. If you leave a brief message and a land-line telephone number (note: we do not return mobile calls or overseas calls) we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please speak slowly and clearly.

Email Note: We check our email several times a day and will make every effort to respond as soon as possible to any enquiries. Please ensure you include your full name and contact details in your email.

Submissions & Contributions: We no longer accept material for the magazine.

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