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XIX - 19th Regiment of Foot
Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment

The Green Howards


TommyThe Friends of The Green Howards Regimental Museum was formed in 1996 to coincide with the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (1916). Since that formation Great Northern Publishing has published the Friends newsletters and magazines. Over the years these have gone through many changes until now it is a glossy, full colour, 44-page, high quality publication, published bi-annually.

'The Green Howard' magazine features news on all aspects of the 'Regimental family'; including all the latest Museum news, news from the Friends, the Green Howards Association and news about the current Yorkshire Regiment, as well as carrying a host of historical stories, articles and features covering the Green Howards' 318 years of loyal service to the crown - many of them first hand accounts.

Using material from the extensive museum archives, each issue of the magazine features a range of stories from different periods in the Regiment's long history from 1744 to 2006 (when it was finally merged into the newly formed Yorkshire Regiment along with the Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire and the Duke of Wellington's Regiment). Many of these well researched, well written articles are accompanied by images from the huge Regimental photographic archive which dates from the Crimea in 1855 right up to peacekeeping duties in Bosnia and Kosovo in 2006, and which covers both world wars and many of the major conflicts involving the British Army in the last 300-plus years.

Although the magazine is produced by the Friends of the museum to support it and its extensive collections, the magazine is also of much wider interest to the general public, especially those with any interest or connection to Yorkshire and Teesside. With so many articles and accounts being published covering a broad swath of history, the magazine is also of interest to historians as it often provides valuable first hand, eye witness accounts of events and conditions for the regualr army.

We are delighted to be able, for the first time, from Autumn 2014 to be able to offer the magazine to the general public (not just to those who are Friends of the museum) in both the printed A4 magazine format, delivered by post, but also as a PDF download suitable for reading on screen (because of the format it is recommended these PDF downloads be viewed on a decent sized computer screen rather than small hand held device).

Please note: earlier copies of the magazine are available solely as PDF downloads.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ever growing and enthusiastic readership of The Green Howard Magazine.

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