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Q: How is The Green Howard delivered?
A: The magazine is sent by Royal Mail second class post (by airmail for overseas) in a plain A4 post-safe envelope with your name and address on the front and our company name and postal address on the back.

Q: When will I receive my copy of The Green Howard?
A: Once your payment has been confirmed and you will be sent the magazine (or password if you have ordered the download version). The magazine is published in Spring and Autumn each year.

Q: What size is the magazine'?
A: The Green Howard is A4 (297mm x 210mm) and is 44 pages long. The download version is between 10 and 25mb in size, so a decent internet connection is required.

Q: Are you a foreign company or part of group?
A: No. We are British - a small, award-winning family company and have no links or connections to any other company either here, or anywhere overseas.

Q: Will Green Howard appear on my card statement?
A: No. Only PayPal will appear as our chosen method of secure payment for all on-line orders.

Q: Do I have to order on-line?
A: No. You can download an order form to print, complete and send to us by post.

Q: Can I pay by telephone?
A: No. We no longer accept order payments by phone.

Q: How do I pay in British Pounds Sterling?
A: When paying by credit card just enter the amount as shown and your credit card company will do the currency conversion for you: it will be shown correctly on your card statement. (Some companies may make a charge for the conversion.)

Q: What format is the download?
A: The downloads are PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system to be able to view the magazine. This is available free of charge from the Adobe website.

Q: Where can I view the download version?
A: The PDF download versions of the magazine are primarily for viewing on a compuer screen. They have not been tested for use on e-readers like Kindle or on smart phones etc. If you are downloading the files intending to use them anywhere other than on a computer you do so at your own risk as we have no control over how the files will appear on other devices. Please be aware this is an A4 size magazine so trying to view it on a hand held device is not advised.

Q: Password access codes?
A: Sharing access codes is a breach of both our copyright and reproduction rights and our terms and conditions - such breaches will result in legal action.


Q: Is The Green Howard printed in other languages?
A: No. The Green Howard is currently only printed in English.

Q: Can I buy it from shops or newsagents?
A: No. The magazine is only available by mail order via subscription direct from ourselves or free as part of a Friends of the Green Howards Museum membership.

Q: How much information do you have on file?
A: Once an order has been processed we only retain your name, address and phone number for mailing or emergency contact purposes.

Q: Do you keep my credit card details on computer?
A: No.

Q: Why do I need to give you my phone number?
A: We require a land-line telephone number in case there are any problems in processing your order so that we can resolve matters quickly.

Q: But I am ex-directory
A: We require a telephone number, but once an order is processed we will not keep the number on computer if you do not wish it. We do not use the information for 'cold calling' nor do we pass the information on to third parties.

Q: Will you contact me for anything else?
A: No. The phone number is only for resolving problems with orders.

Q: Will anyone else have access to my information?
A: No. We do not share, sell or hire our mailing and subscriber lists to anyone.

Q: How will I know when the next issue is available?
A: The magazine will show as 'Available Now' on our web pages.

Q: How do I purchase the download versions?
A: Go to the 'Available Issues' page, click on the 'add to cart' button on the right hand side of the page (the one on the left, under the contents info is for post only) to purchase a copy. Once your payment has cleared the system you will be sent an access code via email to open that issue. Go back to the 'Available Issues' page and right click the download button and select 'Save Target As' - with this you can save the magazine to your computer. Then open it and enter the password.

Q: I don't like the PDF version, can I have a refund?
A: No. Once the access code has been sent we will not make any refunds.

Q: Are the downloads the same as the printed copy?
A: Yes. The PDF files are created direct from the samee orginal files we make the print magazine from.

Q: Can I print the downloaded files?
A: No. The files have the print facility disabled to prevent breach of copyright.

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