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This site has been designed in the industry standard html format using Dreamweaver for a standard Internet Explorer browser window of 800x600 with a medium text size, with pages centred on the screen.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 (or later), please cick the new 'Compatibility' button on the right of the address window to ensure the site displays correctly.

We have deliberately refrained from including lots of widgets, animations, buttons and context menus so as to ensure the site is as easy to use and as fast to load as possible, even on a slow dial-up connection.

All our standard page texts are set in Verdana to ensure compatibility across operating systems (this is a standard Windows font - sorry to all you Mac users out there).

All the images used on the site are either jpeg or gif files.

The site has been designed using 'tables' not frames or style sheets.

All downloadable material, such as forms and information sheets are in the standard Adobe PDF format. Please visit the 'Download Formats' page for more information and for details of how to obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge.

As with all other website 'cookies', ours can be easily deleted from your internet browser's temporary folder should you so wish (or you can set your browser to clear its cache/temporary memory upon closing down). The cookie does not gather personal information and will not harm your computer or operating system. Some browsers allow you to block cookies if you so wish - this should have no effect on how you use our site.

We do not employ 'pop-ups' on this site - what you see is what you get.

All our main internal page links are text based (apart from where an icon is used) and underline when the cursor passes over them. Most visitors should have no difficulty using them to get about.

All sections of the site have been designed to look the same (just using colours to differentiate different parts of the site) so that once you have been somewhere you will find it easy to travel through and explore the site without difficulty.

It should be noted that this website now employs a secure Pay Pal shopping cart system for making purchases (payment can be accepted by all major credit/debit cards and by a Pay Pal account).

You can return to the 'Home Page' of this site at any time by using the Great Northern Publishing link at the foot of every page.

All material on this site is copyright.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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