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Alongside our own publications and titles we specialise in the high quality, short-run, production of magazines, journals and newsletters, books and general printing.

Our Magazine and Journal Services:

Our services are primarily geared to the charity, small organisation, business and individual end of the market. Because of our low overheads and streamlined operations we can offer a comprehensive service including typesetting, design and layout, as well as a choice of printing options to suit most budgets, from digital photocopying and full colour laser printing, to traditional lithographic printing in black and white through to full colour.

We undertake all types of production from basic design and page layout, which can be produced as straightforward black-and-white artwork for you to put through your own copier, to full colour production including printing in a variety of methods.

For more information see our free Guide to Services lower down the page.

Quotes and Estimates:

We are always pleased to provide quotes and estimates for all types of work for private individuals, charities, organisations and companies.

We specialise in low-cost magazines and journals, and short-run paperback book production.

Email us today for further information, or phone to discuss your requirements and see what we can do for you. Sample publications are sent with estimates on request.

Our Free Guide to Services:

If you would like to download our free 8-page 'Guide to Services,' which provides fuller details of our services and technical requirements - please use the download button below.

Presented in PDF format, our Guide to Services is intended as a general overview of our book, magazine and print-based services for individuals, charities and businesses. Although most references are to book production, all the advice, guidance and information contained in it can be applied to all types of print-based production, and we are more than happy to discuss individual projects and to provide estimates and quotes.

The Guide to Services also affords information and advice to authors and writers wanting to learn more about production and what they might expect from a company such as ours or elsewhere.

Download our free Guide to Services




Affordable Book Production:

Book production for both the individual and the small charity or organisation is now an affordable reality, and one in which quality no longer takes a back seat. We let our work speak for itself, and we invite you to purchase any of our books to see the quality of the finished product for yourself.

We can offer basic advice and general guidance on sales and marketing for those authors who wish to 'go it alone' and see their work in print for a fraction of the costs levied by the 'vanity publishers'.

It is important to note that procuring production services such as those offered by Great Northern Publishing is not the same as vanity publishing, where typically the author pays three or four times the actual cost of production. Our Guide to Services gives advice on this and offers ball-park figures so you have some idea of what to expect.

Reading Service for Authors:

We also offer a 'reading and critique' service to aspiring authors, where, for a small, one-off fee we will read and offer constructive advice on your manuscript, style and presentation. From this honest, straightforward evaluation of a manuscript, to full book production, we offer the complete package.

If you are seriously considering using our services, and whether you are an author, charity or business, please take the time to study and implement the house style rules given in the Guide to Services in your submission.





Working with Tight or Limited Budgets:

At the economy end of the market we are pleased to be able to offer a low-cost publishing service for individuals, charities, small groups, associations and businesses.

This service is primarily aimed at those wishing to produce good quality newsletters, journals and magazines and provides an opportunity for you, the client, to control your own budget by deciding how your final publication (no matter what it might be) is printed - be it from your own laser or inkjet printer, or through a copy or quick print shop, or even traditional lithographic printing.

The files we produce for you with this service are high resolution, print-ready, saved to CD-ROM for a printer of your choice. They can also be uploaded to the internet for your website visitors to view and download as required, thus saving you the cost of printing.

This low-cost, flexible and versatile service gives you the maximum benefit, with the minimum of cost.

Now there is no excuse for giving your readers anything less than your very best.

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