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The Great War magazine finally got its own Facebook page. We've decided to give Facebook a try for a year to see if it generates any extra interest in the magazine. We'll be posting short extracts from previous issues of the magazine spanning the last 14 years and in exchanging posts with readers. If you want to visit the Great War's Facebook page you can use the button below.

Great War on Facebook


JUNE 2014

Books sales from our Amazon based bookstore of 'Bombardment!' and the two 'Bairnsfather Omnibus Editions' are seeing a marked upturn of late thanks to the added interest and the short regional films by the BBC which has covered the subjects. 'Bombardment!' remains our all time best seller with the first 'Bairnsfather Omnibus' following a very close second.


JUNE 2014

The Great War Magazine: Well, a year on and we're still here despite the recession! The Great War magazine remains in printed form thanks in large part to the loyalty of our subscribers and in September we enter our 14th year of production. Everyone is delighted that we are still here to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. We've even manged to maintain the subscription prices again this year despite another price hike from Royal Mail (who seem determined to price small businesses like ours who depend on them out of the mail order market).

For those who like to know how the Great War's little mascot, Border Terrier Eddie, is doing, we can tell you he still enjoys life even at the ripe old age of 14. He may have slowed down quite a bit, and still needs to take is medicine every day, but he still loves to trundle his ball around the office and sleep under the Editor's desk. Thank you for all the enquiries about him, they are appreciated.

JADE Magazine: As JADE magazine moves into its 13th year it continues to go from strength to strength in its high resolution PDF download format and has expanded to almost double its original size every month, with ever more artists, photographers and writers wanting to be involved. With the active support of the Guild of Erotic Artists JADE leads the way in high quality erotica for the modern age.

The Green Howard Magazine: April this year (2014) saw the hand over to a new editor for the Green Howard magazine and a continuation of the very high standards of quality and content established by the three previous editors. We remain proud to be associated with Yorkshire's finest county regiment (now sadly no more), the museum in Richmond and the Friends. With major refurbishment of the museum now underway and expected to be completed by the end of 2014 we're looking forward to producing a major feature in a forthcoming issue of the magazine.


MAY 2013

GREAT WAR SAVED: At the start of the year we announced the closure of the printed version of The Great War magazine due to the difficult financial situation plaguing the country and the start of the new PDF version. However, we were able to make significant changes and have saved the printed version of the magazine and so it will continue as a bi-monthly magazine for the foreseeaqble future, much to the delight of our many loyal readers.

September 2013 sees the start of the magazine's 13th year of publication.

ORDERING CHANGES: In an effort to streamline and make additional savings to support our magazine production we have sadly had to close our telephone and postal credit/debit card order facility. ALL credit/debit card orders must now be made on-line through this website. We now only accept cheques, cash (sent by recorded delivery) and postal/money orders by post.


MAY 2012

Here is a brief update. Despite the recession we are continuing to do what we do best, offering great service and value for money and want to thank our ever loyal readers, subscribers and customers for their highly valued and welcome support.

THE WEBSITE: The Great Northern Publishing website bookshops have now been closed and all our vast amount of stock has been moved to our Amazon web pages, where the titles can be viewed and searched. Please note that although we are on Amazon, you still purchase direct from us, you are simly using the Amazon shopfront with all the peace of mind and security that offers. Customers can purchase books from our Amazon pages but not, as yet, subscriptions and back issues of our magazines. Our magazines can be purchased from our web site only using any credit or debit card, or by using a PayPal account. Since introducing the system sales have increased, especially overseas and in the USA where customers are used to and trust both the Amazon and PayPal interfaces.

THE GREAT WAR: September 2012 sees the start of the twelfth year of publication of our flagship magazine 'The Great War'. In light of the current economic climate and the staggering 53% increase in postal charges by Royal Mail this year we have had to raise the cost of subscriptions. This is something we did not want to do, but have been forced into by this postal increase. However, we hope subscribers will still view the magazine as excellent value for money and a jolly good read to boot.

MAGAZINES: Our work for charities, including the Green Howard Magazine, continue to win praise and applause for their content and high production values for which we are very proud.

JADE: Despite now being produced monthly as a high resolution PDF download, JADE magazine continues to go from strength to strength and is now into its 11th year).

E-BOOKS: We are now looking into the possibility of adding our titles to the Amazon Kindle list and we hope to have more news on this in due course.

PO BOX: It is with some regret that we have this year decided to close our post office box address after almost 20 years. The recent increase of 53% on Royal Mail's charges proved to be the last straw and like every other small family owned company we are trying to ensure we survive the current recession.


JULY 2010

It has been some time since we added news to this page. So here is a brief update. Despite the recession we are continuing to do what we do best, offering great service and value for money and want to thank our ever loyal readers, subscribers and customers for their highly valued and welcome support.

THE WEBSITE: The Great Northern Publishing website bookshops have now adopted a shopping cart style - with payments being processed via the PayPal secure transaction system. Customers can purchase books, subscriptions and back issues etc using any credit or debit card, or by using a PayPal account. Since introducing the system sales have increased, especially overseas and in the USA where customers are used to and trust the PayPal interface.

THE GREAT WAR: September 2010 sees the start of the tenth year of publication of our flagship magazine 'The Great War' - to mark this event all the covers for the coming year will be printed in colour for the first time (the magazine will go back to the familiar black and red covers for year eleven). In light of the current economic climate and hard times for many of our customers we have again chosen not to increase our prices but to maintain them for yet another year.

MAGAZINES: Both the Green Howard Magazine and the BAFM Journal continue to win praise and applause for their content and high production values for which we are very proud.

JADE: Despite having moved from a printed format to a high resolution PDF download, JADE magazine has done far better than expected and is thriving in its new full colour format (now in its third year - our ninth year of publication in total).


APRIL 2009

Great Northern Publishing's revamped website is launched. After almost twelve years the old site was beginning to look its age. The site has now been broken down into specific areas, all accessed from the home page. Hopefully visitors will find it easier to go directly to the area they want to see. We have also revamped our own magazine sections and our on-line bookshops.


A Breed Apart by Richard Leake

6th APRIL 2009

Today saw the launch at a special evening event at the Green Howards Regimental Museum in Richmond of the new book by Richard Leake - 'A Breed Apart' - published by Great Northern Publishing. The book details the war service of two of the Regiment's VC winners and is available from the museum.


Mark Marsay and Eddie hard at work!


As Major Roger Chapman, the editor of the Green Howard magazine, stepped down after 10 years at the helm, he broke with tradition and presented Mark Marsay of Great Northern Publishing with a specially drawn caricature of him and his dog Eddie in recognition of the help and assistance he has received over the years.


APRIL 2008

After six years as a printed hard copy magazine, JADE has moved to a monthly, full colour, high resolution download format. Although many people, including the editor, lamented the end of an era, we all look forward to the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the magazine as it expands and offers new articles and features to its readers.


The new Green Howard magazine


Great Northern Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of the first issue in September 2006 of the new magazine for The Green Howards. Following amalgamation of the Regiment in the summer of this year after 318 years of service, it was decided to combine the Friends of the Museum Newsletter and the Green Howards Gazette and to create a new publication, aptly titled 'The Green Howard'. The 40 page magazine not only features all the Friends and Museum news, but news on the Regiment and detachments, Association and Cadets.


The new BAFM full colour magazine


Great Northern Publishing has just published a new full colour magazine for the British Association of Friends of Museums. The magazine, produced three times a year for members, has been moved from a two colour publication to full colour throughout on gloss art paper. This sees the final step in overall improvement and upgrading of the BAFM newsletter which Great Northern Publishing has been publishing for the last decade - in that time the newsletter has expanded in page numbers and increased in quality year on year.


The dust jacket of the Green Howards Photohistory


Great Northern Publishing, working in association with the Green Howards Regimental Museum, has published a 392-page, large format, hardback collector's edition book featuring photographs of the Green Howards from the Crimean War to Amalgamation in 2006. The book was launched on 20th September 2006 - Alma Day. The work took almost a year and over 1,000 photos were selected from the museum archive of over 7,000. Printed on gloss art paper with a black and gold gloss cover, the book is a wonderful tribute to the finest infantry regiment in the British Army.


The Second World War magazine


The Second World War launched in October 2005 and has been very well received. It is to enter its second year of production in October 2006 by moving up from 68 to 76 pages in line with The Great War magazine. The magazine tells the stories of those who served or lived through the 1939-1945 conflict in the form of personal accounts, diaries, letters, postcards, photos and other memorabilia.



We are pleased to announce that following the success of JADE magazine and its mature and sensitive approach to publishing erotica, The Guild of Erotic Artists, whose headquarters are situated in the magnificent Beaumont Hall Studios in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside, not only named JADE their official magazine but have asked us to take over the design and maintenance of their website too. The new site went live at the start of January and has been widely praised for its simplicity, ease of navigation and swift response time. The Guild represents some of the UK's best artists, sculptors and photographers and has members around the world.



We are delighted to announce that we have won, for the third time, the prestigious 'Best Newsletter' award from BAFM for 'The Friends of the Green Howards Regimental Museum Newsletter - POWs Germany and Italy'. This is another feather in our cap and one we are very proud of.


MAY 2004

Great Northern Publishing is pleased to announce the re-design and re-launch of the website for The British Association of Friends of Museums. We were recently asked to re-design the charity's website and to continue to maintain it. The new website is now up and running. www.bafm.org.uk



Great Northern Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of the uncensored JADE - Special Reserve Collection book, which brings together over 80 of the world's leading erotic photographers in a single 196-page collector's volume, packed with erotic photography from cover-to-cover.


JUNE 2003

Following a request from a Staff Sergeant of the British Armed Forces for any 'morale boosting' material we might have for the lads serving with REME in Iraq, a consignment of paperback books was today shipped to the front. Dozens of copies of 'Hazardous to Health!' and 'Beyond the Void' were boxed up and sent out with our best wishes for a safe tour of duty and a swift return home. We hope the books will provide the hardworking lads out there in the desert with a few good laughs.


Gaynor Barnes and Mark Marsay


'Tonight' TV presenter Gaynor Barnes invited Scarborough author Mark Marsay to the Yorkshire Television studios in Leeds to interview him live about his latest novel - 'Hazardous to Health!' - and his plans for the future.


BBC Interview with Author

APRIL 2001

Following the huge success of the thirty-minute documentary narrated by world-famous actor Richard Todd, based on Mark Marsay's best-selling book 'BOMBARDMENT! THE DAY THE EAST COAST BLED' - which was shown by the BBC in both the Newcastle and Leeds regional areas in December 2000 - the documentary is to be screened nationally. The whole country will be able to see the programme that over half a million viewers have already seen. The documentary will be shown at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th April. Below: Mark being interviewed by BBC producer Dan Farthing and filmed by cameraman Chris Hazel on a bitterly cold and windswept Oliver's Mount, overlooking the castle and town's twin bays


Enterprise Award Winners


Great Northern Publishing are celebrating once again after winning a prestigious 'Enterprise Award' at a special evening to mark five of the area's top achievers. On Tuesday 21st November 2000, representatives from the business, industrial and commercial sectors gathered at the Town Hall in Scarborough to celebrate the year's top achievers (1998-1999). On behalf of the Scarborough, Filey and District Enterprise Agency five proud young people - whose businesses were judged by a panel of business professionals to be the best in their categories - were presented with specially engraved plaques by the Mayor of Scarborough, Councillor Dorothy Clegg. The success of these businesses - all different from one another, yet all with that added ingredient which has set them apart from their contemporaries - proves that the beautiful and rugged Yorkshire coast is alive and thriving with young entrepreneurs; individuals who are not afraid of hard work or commitment, and who have the drive and ambition to succeed. Mark Marsay collected the award on behalf of Great Northern Publishing and the plaque now resides in pride of place in the office.

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