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from 1st September 2016


In September 2016, at the start of our Great War magazine's 16th year, little Bonnie, steps up to take on the role of official mascot (and the official mascot of the company). Eddie will be a hard act to follow and she has some mammoth paw prints to follow in, but we know she'll do a wonderful job.

Great War readers will already know Bonnie's background; she, like Eddie is another rescue, a little Border Terrier who had a very bad start in life, kept in a yard without any socialisation, never house trained, never out for a walk, fed on porridge as a pup and riddled with worms.

She joined us at the end of November 2015 aged 16 weeks, and it has taken a lot of love and time to bring her on and help her become the fabulous, playful and affectionate little dog she is today.

Happily all of that is well behind her now and she loves to eat, sleep and play. She is very friendly and loves other dogs and people, and has even made friends with the neighbours cat (they are the same age) and now they rub noses whenever they see each other! We're hoping she'll also like to get stuck in with the work on the magazine, something Eddie always enjoyed - especially shredding the delivery boxes for us to help with our recycling efforts!

We will keep readers regularly updated with her progress and her antics, just as we did Eddie.

Bonnie - first seven months!

Eddie - The Company Mascot


21st April 2000 ~ 1st November 2015


Little Border Terrier rescue dog 'Eddie' joined the editorial team on Saturday 12th January 2002 shortly after we had lost both Sam and Tess, our previous dogs (see the GNP 'Acknowledgement and Dedication' page). A great little character and a real charmer if ever there was one, we named him after the terrier in the TV show 'Frasier'. He was just 20 months old when he arrived and has captured everyone's hearts.

A regular in the office, where he has a bed under the editor's desk, he loves to help out from time to time by shredding old delivery boxes and cartons. Other than that he spends his time playing, rambling through the woods chasing the wildlife, and sleeping, which he does more and more of as he gets older.

Eddie is also now the official mascot of The Great War magazine and has so captured readers' hearts that he regularly gets letters, cards and gifts sent to him throughout the year, but especially on his birthday, 21st April. Many subscribers actually ask after him when renewing their subscriptions by phone, and share their own dog tales with us.

Such has been his popularity that we now have an 'official' postcard of him and he regularly gets photos from other dogs!

Update . . .

In 2014 Eddie was diagnosed with kidney disease with a prognosis of two weeks - but ever the little soldier, he defied all the odds to stay with us for more than 18 months. Sadly, on 1st November 2015 the struggle became too much and he took his leave of us. We'll never forget him and our lives have been all the better for having known his loyalty and affection.

Rest in peace little man, you deserve it.

Sitting at ease!
What's this then?
This tastes good!
Eddie at work, rest and play!
Cooling off in the shade!
Standing at attention!
Getting really sleepy!
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