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Great Northern Publishing is a fully independent, wholly family-owned, award winning small publishing and production company, based in Scarborough.

General Overview:
We publish a range of books and magazines under our own imprint. We specialise in both high quality books and magazines and offer a fully comprehensive and affordable production environment for most types of work including magazines and journals, novels and non-fiction.

General Statement:
We firmly believe in the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech and the freedom of artistic expression. Adults around the world should have the right to choose what they see, hear, and experience - provided it is not illegal, or involves the suffering of another being.

Mission Statement:
We believe in giving value for money in the quality of the books, magazines, products and services we produce, both in their content and in our high levels of service. We believe that every book and journal we produce should be a publication that we ourselves would want to own and keep. It is our aim to provide our clients with the best possible service we can offer, and to put at their disposal our full expertise and experience to enable them to be proud of the publications we produce together. Our long-term aim is to be the best regional publisher in the north of England and through that position to introduce and promote new material to the general public. To enable us to fulfil this ambition we need and rely on your continued support by purchasing direct from us rather than from a third party.

General Disclaimer:
We are an independent, family-owned company which prides itself on its quality of product and its high level of customer service. We have no connections whatsoever with any other companies with the same, or similar, name trading either here in the UK, or anywhere else in the world. The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any offence caused - either intentionally or unintentionally - by the contents or covers of any of the publications or material on this website (warnings have been posted on pages containing 'adult' content). The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any offence caused - either intentionally or unintentionally - by material found on sites linked from this website. GNP has no control or responsibility for any other website except its own. The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any offence caused by the publications of other publishers which are sold through the company in its role as 'bookseller'. The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any breach or purported breach of copyright or artistic ownership of any material which is printed or published which has originated from outside the company and which is accepted for publication in good faith. All information, descriptions, and prices contained in this website are given in good faith and are, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publication. The company reserves the right to change, amend or alter such information and prices without prior notice as required.

Charity Commitments:
We continue to sponsor dogs with The Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) and sponsor the training of Guide Dogs For The Blind puppies, as well as supporting Save The Children, Water Aid and BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection). We also offer a substantial discount on work undertaken for registered charities. We will not, however, support any form of religious charity or political party.

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