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Gordon Crowther during one of his many charity fundraising events

Acknowledgement: Great Northern Publishing acknowledges the huge debt of gratitude it owes to Gordon Crowther (1939-1997), without whom the company as it is today would not exist.

Gordon was taken from us in the prime of his life and is as sorely missed today by his family and friends as he was then. He had a zest for life and we remember his good nature, generous spirit, kind heart and gentleness. We are grateful to have known him and are the better for it. His memory remains with us always.

Mark with Sam & Tess in the Lake District

Dedication: This website is dedicated to our wonderful rescue dogs, Sam and Tess, who were constant fixtures in the office until they passed away within six months of each other in 2001.

Both dogs were adopted from the RSPCA in York and both were much loved. Sam was a young stray Border Collie of about eleven months old, who was the only dog in the overflowing kennels who was not barking, prowling or stressed; he simply lay curled up at the back of the concrete and wire run until we came along. Tess was a 'Heinz 57' puppy, the runt of a litter, who had a much larger litter mate sitting on her when we arrived! They proved to be great company for each other, for our cats Sooty, Sweep and Softly, and for us too. We still miss them.

In memory of Sam and Tess we continue to 'adopt' dogs with The Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) and sponsor the training of Guide Dogs For The Blind puppies among our charity projects. And of course we adopted Eddie (through Border Terrier Welfare), who became both our company and Great War magazine mascot until he passed on 1st November 2015. At the end of that same month we rescued and welcomed little Bonnie to the team and she has now stepped up to the role of the company, 'Great War' and 'Zoomies' mascot.


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